ZERO ONE is a recognised Gold Fever & Great Lengths professional salon.

Whether you want to add length, volume or colour the options with extensions are unlimited.

We offer complimentary consultations, where our extension expert will discuss colour choices, style, length & thickness, tailoring the service to meet the individual.

At ZERO ONE we guarantee a long lasting, flawless application with zero damage to your natural hair.

Prices per strand

10”/25cm €5.87
12”/30cm €6.44
14”/35cm €N/A
16”/40cm €6.73
18”/45cm €7.16
20”/50cm €7.59


Approx Strand Quantity Guideline
Full Head (Length & Volume) 125 strands
3/4 Head (Little Length & Volume) 100 strands
3/4 Head (Little length & Volume) 100 strands
Half Head (Volume with no length) 75 strands
1/4 Head (Little Volume) 50 strands